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Film & Television

Unparalleled Performance, Optimized for Modern Production Scenes.

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Continuous innovation in tools and technologies are required to support ever growing demand for high-quality content.

Easy to use, reliable, and high-performance simulation and rendering technology is key to enabling your content goals without requiring optimizations, fine tuning, or changes to your workflow.

Bolt's unique chip design is specifically designed to achieve maximum performance and efficiency with Film & Television workloads, enabling artists to create high-quality content without arbitrary restrictions or limitations imposed by legacy CPU or GPU designs.

Complex Assets

Design, simulate, and render scenes with billions of triangles without increasing render time or power consumption.

High Resolution Materials

Use the most accurate physically-based materials to improve the realism of your scene and get more useful feedback earlier in the process.

Fast Simulations

Simulate complex water, hair, smoke, and fire faster without decreasing performance, accuracy, or render quality.

Automatic Scheduling

Let the Bolt platform distribute your rendering workload across multiple servers and datacenters for optimal efficiency.

Designed for Scale

Support for expandable and remote dynamic memory ensures that your scene always fits and achieves best performance.

Key Standards

Native support for OpenUSD and MaterialX enables direct interoperability with many software packages and ensures a consistent result across platforms.

See how Bolt fits into your workflow

svg flow diagram of Autodesk / Foundry tools running on bolt chips on prem or in the cloud

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