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Coming Soon: The Fastest Graphics Processor Ever.

Turbocharge your creativity with twice the rendering performance as the best GPU in half the power.

Maximum Performance

Maximum Efficiency

Maximum Scalability

Bolt Chip

Bolt Graphics Supports Your Workload.

High performance simulations and renderings are critical for content creation, content consumption, and digital product creation. Bolt's unique silicon and software solution is optimized to solve key pain points with simulations and rendering, whether on a smartphone, tablet, computer, car or in the cloud.

Film & Television

Double your real-time, dailies, and final render speed without changing your proven workflow.


Play your favorite games with physics and ray tracing enabled without reducing performance.


Host the largest metaverses with performance and user density not achievable with GPUs.

Virtual Production

Drive Unreal Engine 5 real-time rendering on the largest, highest resolution LED walls.


Build and play the most immersive games and experiences with real-time ray tracing and physics.


Design, simulate, and prototype your product or part as a Digital Twin without a supercomputer.

Architecture & Design

Bring photorealistic graphics to your project without spending time waiting for renders.

Product Design

Create photorealistic renders of products in real-time using highly accurate materials.


Use photorealistic renders to advertise new parts, products, and designs prior to production.


Silicon IP

Bolt's market-leading graphics IP enables a new level of Simulation, Ray Tracing, and Rasterization capabilities:

  • Unprecedented performance, power efficiency, and area

  • Scalable architecture supports both ultra low power and high performance designs

  • Proven on FPGA

  • Available for evaluation and licensing

  • 6nm & 4nm silicon design wins, shipping Q4 2024


Bolt's market-leading graphics IP is already being integrated inside various silicon projects.

Starting in 2024, reserve access to development kits and production boards.

  • Support for OpenUSD, MaterialX, OpenPBR, and Hydra

  • Integrations for Autodesk Maya, 3ds Max, AutoCAD, and Revit under development

  • Integrations for Unreal Engine 5, Unity, and Blender under development

Systems & Services

Bolt collaborates very closely with server builders and cloud providers to deliver a turnkey, highly optimized solution for your needs.

This optimized solution enables fastest time to market while eliminating any effort required to stand up new systems at scale.

Starting in 2024, reserve access to prebuilt servers and cloud services.

About Us

Darwesh Singh headshot

Darwesh Singh

Founder & CEO

Darwesh Singh is driven by a passion for learning and a dedication to pushing boundaries. He made waves early on by founding Bolt Graphics after a decade of designing data centers and cloud environments. His mission? To tackle performance issues with heavy-duty tasks like simulations and 3D graphics while also reducing power consumption.

Starting his career at just 14, Darwesh quickly became known for his ability to solve complex tech problems. Over the years, he's worked on everything from installing racks to designing advanced data systems for enterprise-level organizations. Darwesh has collaborated with major players like CGI and Cognizant, helping Fortune 500 companies navigate the ever-changing tech landscape.

In 2014, Darwesh's innovative spirit led him to develop a solution for hardware-accelerated ray tracing after witnessing the lengthy rendering times for visual effects in movies. This breakthrough laid the groundwork for Bolt Graphics, which he founded in 2020. Under Darwesh's leadership, Bolt Graphics secured its first funding round in 2021, quickly followed by a second in 2022, as the demand for cinema-quality visual effects grew and existing solutions lagged in performance and efficiency.


Bolt Graphics' mission is to revolutionize the tech landscape by addressing the increasing power consumption and costs associated with traditional rendering technologies. After two years of dedicated development, the company unveiled its first patent-pending ray tracing IPs, Lightning and Thunder, at CES 2023.


Today, Darwesh continues to drive Bolt Graphics forward, constantly asking, "Why do we do it this way?" and "How can we do it better?" His vision for a more efficient and environmentally sustainable approach to technology continues to challenge the status quo and inspire innovation across the tech industry.


Weili Dai headshot

Weili Dai

Chairwoman & Investor

Andrew Bunney headshot

Andrew Bunney, M.D.

Board Member & Investor

Sehat Sutardja headshot

Sehat Sutardja

Technical Advisor


Bolt Graphics: A New Entrant in the Graphics and Ray Tracing Market

Bolt Graphics wants to shake up the graphics space, which hasn't seen new competition in many years.

2x better performance than its leading competitor’s graphics card, the NVIDIA RTX 4090. Bolt Graphics claims this level of performance with its 4x chiplet solution at under 200W, which is impressive consindering the RTX 4090 is rated at 450W TDP.

Written By Anshel Sag and Patrick Moorhead


Moor Insights & Strategy is a top-ranked global high-tech research and advisory firm.

Bolt Graphics' Ray Tracing

Is this the inflection point everyone has been seeking?

Bolt says its technology closes the performance gap and enables users to create complex 3D graphics and simulations (for games, films, and digital twins) without resorting to the work-arounds and optimizations needed today. The company has developed a suite of silicon IPs to enable customers to make the efficient and high-performance SoCs.

Written By Jon Peddie


Dr. Jon Peddie is a recognized pioneer in the graphics industry, president of Jon Peddie Research, and named one of the world’s most influential analysts.

The QTS Experience Podcast: Episode 188; Darwesh Singh: Ray Tracing, GPU, Data Center

David McCall, VP of Innovation, interviews Darwesh Singh about Ray Tracing, GPUs, and Digital Twins simulations.

Hosted by David McCall


QTS is a leading provider of data center solutions across a diverse footprint spanning more than 9 million square feet of owned mega scale data center space within North America and Europe.

Advancing Computer Graphics with Bolt’s Ray-Tracing Solution

Dr. Peddie: “We have plenty of GPU companies, do we need any more, and if we do, why?”

Singh: “We wanted to take a more unique approach to designing graphics processors…there’s definitely space for another graphics processor vendor in the market. What we’re doing is so unique that we can provide a lot of differentiation for our users and customers. We were founded in 2020 and in 2024 we’ll have production silicon ready to ship to customers.”

Hosted by Jon Peddie


Dr. Jon Peddie is a recognized pioneer in the graphics industry, president of Jon Peddie Research, and named one of the world’s most influential analysts.

Let's Meet Up

Shoot us an email at if you have a question about Bolt Graphics - or come visit us in person at one of the conferences we're attending.


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San Francisco, CA

Meeting customers, investors, and partners.

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San Jose, CA

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San Francisco, CA

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Napa, CA

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Denver, CO

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