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Build, deliver, and play the most demanding metaverses with real-time physics and ray tracing.


Building and hosting massive metaverses requires significant processing power, whether centralized in the cloud or decentralized on many user devices. With current technology, it's economically unfeasible to deliver the promise of massive metaverses.

Bolt's unique chip design is optimized to achieve maximum density, scale, and efficiency when delivering metaverses to millions of users worldwide. Enabling cost-effective simulation and rendering performance drives new possibilities with immersive, shared experiences for millions of users.

Key Features

Unmatched Density

Build, host, and scale massive worlds and experiences with millions of users cost-effectively with servers that intelligently schedule and isolate users for unmatched density.

Plug and Play

High Performance

Real-time ray tracing and physics were limited to high-end systems and are difficult to scale. Now you can deliver these features at scale while reducing power consumption.

Upgrade existing experiences or build new with support for major engines like Unity and Unreal Engine and development tools like Blender, Maya, and Houdini.

Stay Updated

We'll be releasing more information about our unique chip design, software support, and availability in the coming months. Sign Up below to be the first to get access to unprecedented rendering performance. 

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