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Virtual Production

Render Production Content in Real-Time on LED Walls without Limitations

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LED walls demand the very best real-time rendering performance - 4K resolutions, coupled with extremely high refresh rates leaves existing solutions like GPUs behind.

Easy to use, reliable, and high-performance simulation and rendering technology is key to enabling your content goals without requiring optimizations, fine tuning, and changes to your workflow.

Bolt's unique chip design enables real-time rendering of production scenes on modern LED walls. Simplified setup and configuration enables out-of-the-box support for key technologies like SMPTE 2110, PTP, and real-time tracking and masking.

Key Features

Simplify Your Setup

Power entire virtual production setups with a single server that can simulate and render scenes directly on LED walls; analyze, capture, and encode camera feeds to high-performance local storage.

The Future Display Standard

Native support for SMPTE 2110 enables high-speed connectivity to LED walls over Ethernet, avoiding costly interfaces like HDMI, DisplayPort, or even SDI.

Designed for Scale

Support for expandable and remote dynamic memory ensures that your scene always fits and achieves best performance.

Portable & Quiet

Achieve datacenter-class performance on the road without racks of loud servers that interfere with filming. Extremely low power consumption eliminates the hassle involved in traveling with and maintaining liquid cooling setups.

Plug and Play

Continue using key tools like Unreal Engine, Blender, Maya, and Houdini to create and render your high-quality content in real-time on LED walls.

Key Standards

Native support for OpenUSD and MaterialX enables direct interoperability with many software packages and ensures a consistent result across platforms.

Stay Updated

We'll be releasing more information about our unique chip design, software support, and availability in the coming months. Sign Up below to be the first to get access to unprecedented rendering performance. 

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