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Build, deliver, and play the most demanding immersive experiences with real-time physics and ray tracing.


Build, deliver, and play the most demanding games and enterprise applications without experiencing any performance degradation when enabling real-time ray tracing and physics.

Immersive experiences on both tethered and untethered headsets are limited by today's hardware capabilities. Bolt's unique chip design is optimized to achieve maximum performance and efficiency when both accurate physics and real-time ray tracing are enabled, enabling both studios to create the most immersive games, driven by story and not limited by technology, and enterprises to create effective applications to improve productivity and accuracy.

Key Features

High Frame Rate

Immerse users with real-time ray tracing and physics features at frame rates above 90 Hz, key to avoiding discomfort, nausea, and fatigue.

Plug and Play

Standalone Headsets

Bolt technology consumes less than a watt and can be integrated into standalone headsets so you don't have to be tethered to a computer to achieve high performance.

Upgrade existing experiences or build new with support for major engines like Unity and Unreal Engine and development tools like Blender, Maya, and Houdini.

Stay Updated

We'll be releasing more information about our unique chip design, software support, and availability in the coming months. Sign Up below to be the first to get access to unprecedented rendering performance. 

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